Name: 188

Real Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Appearance: His eyes are his most noticeable feature. They burn with a golden light. His body is deceptive. He looks like an average person would on the street, but this is a illusion too. He is much more than he appears to be. Few people have ever seen him in person, those who have are either dead, or they work for him. Or they are the Delta Squad themselves. His true appearance is pretty much unknown.

Noticible Attributes: This villain is the master mind and leader of many powerful generals. He is a genius inventor of weapons and armor. He created many of the armors of his generals. He has a great and many powers, most of them he refuses to use while others can do the work for him.

Powers: This villain is powerful, he maniuplates energy at a very high level. His strength far exceeds any human on the planet. His greatest powers though, would be his immortality. 188 can not be killed, ever. Any wound inflicted upon him will heal almost instantly. His other great power would be his superior intelligence. He is a mastermind terrorist and runs many branches of terror around the world.

Origin: 188's origin is something of a mystery. Nobody truly knows where this menace came from. The Delta Squad Files has this to say.

--The leader of the terrorist organization is believed to be a survivor of the "Golden Light Incident" The mission is classified as are the details, no bodies were ever found from the disaster. But his eyes, the limited times we've seen them reveal hints to his true origin. They are gold in color, and that might mean he has a connection to the incident. Investigation ongoing.--

Information is painfully limited on this subject matter.

Relationships: None Known at this time.

Personality: Arrogance is his strongest trait. He is a true sociopath who will put his own people at risk to win a losing situation or kill them if they don't perform as well as they are expected to. He hates to lose but is more then willing to retreat at a moments notice if he has to. He claims to be a leader, but is more then willing to put the blame on somebody else first. Despite these flaws, his immortality has created a sense of fearlessness in him. When he does finally get his hands dirty, he holds nothing back when he thinks he is about to win everything. He is a very brutal and unforgiving opponent that has no sense of mercy, and will do anything it takes to win the fight.

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