Name: Blood Wraith.

Real Name: Paxton

Age: Unknown

Phyisical Appearance: Without his armor nobody really knows what he looks like. His armor is nothing less then imposing. Its orange and black and stands at least seven feet tall. At the end of his arms on his wrists are attached brutal chainsaws that are tinted red from blood with all the victims he has killed.

Noticeable Attributes: This villain likes to attack from unexpected places, but almost never directly. He has no ranged attacks to speak of. He is an accomplished weapons builder.

Powers: None. Without his armor he is just a highly skilled soldier. With it, however. Blood Wraith is capable of teleportation at a moments notice, and his strength is high above normal and he uses it to great effect.

Origin: Paxton started his life as an Aif force fighter pliot. He wasn't the best but he could stay airborne and hit his target. On his very first mission, he got a mysterious voice on his radio calling him and telling to open fire on an un authorized target. The voice claimed that this was the true threat and had information on Paxton to encourage him to do this. He attacked it, and destroyed the target the very first time. He returned to base under the threat of being shot down and was arrested on the spot after landing. Not too long after this the one known as Chaos Spectre came and freed him from the cell he was in.

--Classified information--Edit

After that, Paxton was next seen on Coral Island, as the General of the experimental weapons base, it was here the first time he was called the Blood Wraith.

Relationships: None Known

Personality: Sadstic. This villain is obessed with terror and fear. If there is a line to inflict pain to get what he wants chances are he's crossed it many times over. He likes to cause fear in anyone he commands and he uses all of his power to do it. He doesn't know how to show mercy. He is willing to do anything to win and honor is not exactly high on his list. Blood Wraith just simply isn't interested fair play. He is more then willing to take down an enemy using any means at his disposal. He also enjoys maniuplating emotions to get the reaction he wants.

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