Commander Venom Sting
The Commander as he appears in Enter Delta Squad

Real Name:




Call Sign:

Delta 1


The Midnight Syndicate
U.S. Army Rangers


Special Forces Operative
Investigative Service Team Leader
Former President

Current Status:



Team Leader

Appears In:

Enter Delta Squad: The Web Series
The Delta Squad Adventures
The Delta Squad Chronicles
Viper Boat (cameo appearance)

First Appearance:

Enter Delta Squad: Episode 1

Cody was an elite soldier in the U.S. Army Rangers, later chosen to become the Commander in the current incarnation of The Delta Squad. He has led the Delta Squad throughout the uprising of the villian know as 188, the betrayal and take over of Mark and during the mission known only as 2012. Commander Venom Sting is known for being charismatic and reassuring, as well as a natural born leader, inspiring confidence in soliders under his command. He is cool under pressure and is always able to keep his focus enough to get his squad out of any situation.


Early Military CareerEdit

Cody started his military career as a Private in the U.S. Army National Guards. He joined up with his long time friend Wyatt. The two went through basic training together and were shipped out together. Once overseas the two showed above average ability to carry out any missions they were given, completing most hours before others in their troop. This got the attention of Generals high up in the Military, leading to their promotion at an early age into the elite group known as the Army Rangers. Once members of the Rangers, ranking officials began to see the leadership abilities Cody had and placed him in charge of Alpha Company with Wyatt as his second-in-command. Now the squad leader of Alpha Company, Cody and his squad were placed on missions personally choosen by the Lieutenant General of the Army. Cody earned his respect from soldiers by leading his squad on many successful missions without loosing any members. It was then in the year 2009 that Cody's Alpha Company was choosen to go on a routine search and destroy mission and things went terribly wrong. Alpha was ambushed after they extracted the information needed. Knowing they were heavily out numbered Cody ordered his men to flank from different positions within the cave. It was here that after many years of working great together Cody and Wyatt didnt see eye to eye. Being the leader of the team Cody decided to give Wyatt's plan a try and they set out. What Cody did not realize was that his plan was to attack the enemies head on, with the idea that doing something that out of the ordinary would throw the enemies off guard. As they fought their way towards the exit of the cave Cody realized that they were fighting a never ending battle as two members of the team were already lost. It was here that he ordered the rest of the team to go with his plan and flank the enemies and move with in the shadows. With the advantage now back in their favor Cody got his first taste of Wyatt being a blademaster. After near half an hour of constant engagement Cody was able to get the rest of his team out of the cave but once out they were met by even more resistance. After all was said and done the only survivors of the incident were First Lieutenant Cody and Second Lieutenant Wyatt. After their return Cody and Wyatt were honored for their heroic acts and made the personal Mercenaries for the General of the Army. Then in the year 2010 Cody and Wyatt were contacted by their childhood friend Emily and asked come with her to a mysterious island.

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