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The Promotional poster for Enter Delta Squad

Enter Delta Squad is a fictional Action/Adventure

webseries slated for release sometime in Summer 2011. Enter Delta Squad is a prequel to the events of the book The Delta Squad Adventure written by Jesse Wilson.

Enter Delta Squad will be produced and edited by PikaPax Productions.


Cody Buchholz as Commander Venom Sting

Wyatt Loftessness as Lt. CDR Hell Razor

Josh 'Johann' Buchholz as Lieutenant Flesh Tearer

Dustin Teply as Lieutenant Flame Genesis

Blake Gillette as Lieutenant Dead Eyes

Josh Dachtler as Sergeant Zeron


Jacob Kleinsasser as 188


Enter Delta Squad is the prequel to The Delta Squad Adventure and The Delta Squad Chronicles. It takes place during the years 2010-2012. The series shows early missions of The Delta Squad as they make their first encounters with main enemy 188.

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