Name: Lance

Age: Unknown

Physical Appearance: Lance is tall, and thin. He looks weak, but his strength is above the limits of most athletes. His skin is white, pale almost. He has brown eyes and his hair is a matching color. He usually wears white, his trench coat is white as well.

Noticeable Attributes: Lance is a master of strategy. His plans almost always work. Also he makes for an excellent spy. He commands an entire spy network.

Powers: Master of Illusions. Lance is easily capable of changing his own appearance, the appearance of others and he can make anyone experience anything he wants them to, down to the smell. He has used it to trick the Delta Squad into doing terrible things.

Origin: Lance was in the same secret program as Nathan was. He too lived through the program. Instead of telekinesis, Lance was in the spy program and focused on illusions instead. When Nathan went ballistic and destroyed the place, Lance lived through the disaster and escaped. He was never given a code name, chances are he wouldn't have taken it with him anyway. Lance used his power to live on the streets and the better he got the more the power went to his head. Eventually he gained a name for himself in the world of the spy games and became the best. Once 188 came to be known as a world threat, he would make a name for himself.

Relationships: Lance has a different girlfriend every month it seems.

Personality: Smooth. Lance is never stressed out and almost never seems to get mad. He's always got the right thing to say at the right time. When it comes to battle he never worries about losing and always has a way out. He relies on his power, but it hasn't failed him yet. He can get what he wants by talking mostly, but when is forced to act he shows no mercy at all to any opponent. But if too many plans fail, he'll always consider retreat an excellent strategy.

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