Lieutenant Dead Eyes
Lt. Dead Eyes in his legendary Guillie Suit

Real Name:




Call Sign:

Delta 5


The Midnight Syndicate
U.S. Marines


Special Forces Operative
Marine Sniper School Instructor

Current Status:




Appears In:

Enter Delta Squad: The Web Series
The Delta Squad Adventures
The Delta Squad Chronicles

First Appearance:

Enter Delta Squad: Episode 1

Blake was a legendary sniper for the United States Marines known for having the record for the longest confirmed kill shot at 3 miles at the young age of 19, he was later choosen by Blackfire Island to become the Sniper of the current incarnation of The Delta Squad. Lieutenant Dead Eyes much like Flesh Tearer is known for being very quiet. Dead Eyes though unlike Flesh Tearer seems to get into arguments with the other members of the Squad. He is known by his peers and squad members as being a realist, never afraid to voice his opinion on how grave a situation looks. This sometimes causes tension between him and his Commander who tries to enstill confidence in the Squad.


Early Military CareerEdit

Blake began his military career the same time Wyatt and Cody went into the Guards. Blake decided to go the route of the Marines though, being an excellent shot it seemed the better choice and also not wanting to follow the trend of everybody else. Once in the Marines Blake found out that shooting a deer from a stand and hitting a target with a high powered rifle from miles away were two different stories. Many of his drill sergeants wanted to put him back into the training for normal ground troops and out of the sniper school. After many months of persistant practice and hours of studying he began to get a hold on being a Sniper. But that wasnt enough, after he recently learned that his two friends Cody and Wyatt were promoted to Army Rangers at such a young age, Blake knew he had to step up his game. This was when Blake began to form into the legendary sniper he would be known as months later. Stationary targets seemed to become childs play to him, and as soon as they gave him moving targets those were downed with headshots like they were standing still. It was then that he was sent on his first sniping mission, he was to assasinate the leader of a dangerous terrorist group ploting to attack the homeland. Once he made it overseas he found the conditions less than favorable. The origional intended spot to snipe was being patrolled by enemie sentries, making Blake have to move his location back about a mile. It was then that his Commanding Officer called off the mission but Blake did not listen, just moment earlier he had heard a distress signal from a group of soldiers trapped in the cave where is target was suppost to be living. As much as he wanted to go in and help he knew his best course of action was to trust in the soldiers and hope they made it out either killing his target themselves or leading him out so he could attempt the shot himself. After near fourty five minutes of waiting trouble started to stir outside the cave, as Blake looked through his scope he saw 4 soldiers emerge from the cave but to his horror he instantly saw 2 of those soldiers picked off from enemy sniper fire. Blake quickly found and eliminated the hostile infantry, and turned his attention back to the cave entrance, as he looked back through his scope he was shocked to see the the 2 remaining soldiers had in that short of time already had taken out all the enemies outside the cave without a scratch on them. Blake didnt have anytime to think of this though as at the same moment his target appeared from the cave, without hesitation he dialed in his sights adjusted for the Coriolous effect and took the shot, after a mear 5 seconds Blake saw the head of his target completely dissappear. As Blake was on the chopper back he couldnt help but get a funny feeling about those 2 mysterious soldiers that escaped from the cave. But that was all soon forgotten when he returned to his home and recieved an even more mysterious phone call.

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