Lieutenant Flame Genesis
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Lt. Flame Genesis in Enter Delta Squad

Real Name:




Call Sign:

Delta 4


The Midnight Syndicate
Army National Guards


Special Forces Operative
Bar Owner

Current Status:



Urban Assault
Weapons Expert
Electronic Warfare

Appears In:

Enter Delta Squad: The Web Series
The Delta Squad Adventures
The Delta Squad Chronicles

First Appearance:

Enter Delta Squad: Episode 1

Dustin was a soldier in the Army National Guards, later choosen to become one of the two Enforcers in the current incarnation of The Delta Squad. Lieutenant Flame Genesis is known for his in depth knowledge of computer systems and hacking abilities. He is also known to be the weapons expert for the team, having studied guns and their inner workings since he was a young child. Flame Genesis has always been picked on by the rest of the Squad, mainly from Venom Sting and Hell Razor, going so far as to name their secret underground base after him. Dustin mainly ignores the jokes knowing deep down they actually care for him but more because he knows the squad would fail without his computer and weapon knowledge.


Early Military CareerEdit

Dustin started his military career the same time as his friend Josh. Dustin graduated High School a year before Josh so he used that year to go to College and advance his knowlege in Computers and weapon tech. Once Josh was out of High School the two joined the Army National Guards just like Cody and Wyatt did before them. Going in Dustin was not as confident as Josh was, Dustin had always been picked on by Cody and Wyatt cause he was a computer nerd instead of an athletic jock like they were. He did however want to go into the Military and prove to them that he could be just as "badass" as they were said to be when they were in the National Guards. After a week in basic training Dustin found himself in a spot he had never been in before, because he was best friends with Josh and he was recently discovered to be the strongest soldier there, Dustin automatically gained the respect of all the soldiers in his platoon. Things were made even better for Dustin when Josh decided that a soldier named Will should join their little group. Dustin instantly began to pick on Will just like Cody and Wyatt had done years before, and as basic training continued Dustins weapon knowledge grew also. Dustin could take apart and reassemble an assault rifle fast than anyone had ever seen. Also by having the strongest member of the platoon as his best friend helped his strength grow more than he thought. Once they were out of basic Dustin accompanied Josh and Will against the Rebels that attacked their base. He was asked to hack into their computer systems and lock the rebels out of their weapons room. After leaving Josh behind in the main lobby Dustin knew this was his time to shine, on the way to the control room Dustin came accross a Spas-12 tactical shotgun, a gun he would come to always want at his side in the future. After using his newely aquired shotgun to fight off a few rebels Dustin and Will finally found themselves at the control center. Dustin instantly began working on haking into the mainframe and locking them out. As he worked he found out that even though he picked on Will for being weak, he was fully capable of handling himself in a fight. Once he finished his mission they returned to the lobby to find a battered but certainly not beaten Josh. When they got back to base to be debriefed Dustin and Josh found they had a phone call that would change their lives forever. 

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