Lieutenant Flesh Tearer
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Lt. Flesh Tearer in Enter Delta Squad

Real Name:






Call Sign:

Delta 3


The Midnight Syndicate
Army National Guards


Special Forces Operative
Private Detective

Current Status:



Brute Strength
Heavy Weapons

Appears In:

Enter Delta Squad: The Web Series
The Delta Squad Adventures
The Delta Squad Chronicles

First Appearance:

Enter Delta Squad: Episode 1

Josh was an up and coming soldier in the U.S. Army National Guards, later choosen to become an Enforcer in the current incarnation of the Delta Squad. Lieutenant Flesh Tearer is known for being the strong but silent type, usually not saying much during the infamous Interconflict sessions within the Squad. Contrary to his code name Flesh Tearer is known for being very compationate towards civilians, once going on a blind rampage against Blood Wraith and his troops after Wraith killed a tent full of innocent civilians for sport. Even with his caring nature it is still known and said that, "Venom Sting may be the boss, but Flesh Tearer is a living, breathing death threat, dont mess with Flesh Tearer."


Early Military CareerEdit

Josh joined the Army National Guards the same time as his friend Dustin. The two were hoping to follow in the footsteps of their friends Cody and Wyatt. Josh was in fact the younger brother of First Lieutenant Cody, leading to very high expectations from the very beginning. These talks didnt seem to bother Josh much though, he knew his actions would speak for themselves. From the beginning Josh was known for his strength, being able to bench twice as much as anyone else in his platoon. This led to many soldiers trying to befriend him, not wanting to get on his bad side and face that strength. Josh mainly remained loyal to only Dustin throughout most of basic training, though Josh and Dustin did befriend a soldier named Will, after he was found to be the weak one of the platoon. Many of their friends questioned why Josh was so nice to Will, being he was the strongest soldier there and he was the physically weakest. Once done with basic and put on stand by, Josh, Dustin, and Will proved their worth when their base was attacked by a group of Anti-War Activists. Josh, Dustin and Will made their way to the stronghold of the group and went in with force. Josh told Dustin and Will to go shut down their main computer systems while he stayed back a held off the people. This is where Josh first found that even against great numbers of people he was almost impossible to take down. Rebel after rebel fell at the hands of Josh as he stalled for his friends. Many rebels were able to land good hits on Josh but because of his strength, more damage was done to their hands. It was after 20 minutes of continuous hand to hand combat that Josh got word they systems were destroyed. Once the mission was completed successfully, the three soldiers made their way back to the base, Josh and Dustin's C.O. was waiting in his office for them with a very important phone call from a girl named Emily.

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