These are the loctations used by the Delta Squad and allied forces.

Blackfire IslandEdit

Fort DIABEdit

XY BaseEdit

Zeron IslandEdit

Before 1925 the place known as Zeron island was just a place on the east coast. Not named for anything. After world war one took place and the world witnessed the terrible effects of chemical weapons, America decided they needed to catch up in the race of this deadly kind of warfare. General Zeron was selected to run and construct the new facility on the island to develop and test chemical weapons.

The island base was a complete secret to American public and most of the military in general. Everything was going well, the first year went off without a hitch and several weapons were developed.

The DimensionEdit

It was discovered when a experiment with electricity went terribly wrong. Fifteen workers were killed with a bolt of electricty came from one of the --Classified-- The intense energy arched between the walls of the gateway and created an opening into another and mysterious world.

The Midnight Syndicate kept this secret from the world with only few people allowed to know anything of it's existance. The Syndicate sent explorations in to the strange world. They found many structures and signs that there used to be life here, but they never found anything alive. The earliest picture is dated from before 1925. The exact date is classified to all but the highest members.

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