Lieutenant Commander Hell Razor
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LCDR Hell Razor in Enter Delta Squad

Real Name:



Lieutenant Commander

Call Sign:

Delta 2


The Midnight Syndicate
U.S. Army Rangers


Special Forces Operative
Samurai School Owner

Current Status:



Blade Master

Appears In:

Enter Delta Squad: The Web Series
The Delta Squad Adventures
The Delta Squad Chronicles

First Appearance:

Enter Delta Squad: Episode 1

Wyatt was an elite soldier for the U.S. Army Rangers, later choosen to by Blackfire Island to become the blademaster of the current incarnation of the Delta Squad. Hell Razor has a passion for being in the midst of battle. He loves blades and has trained with every type that this world has known. His main weapon is a katana, he fell in love with the way of the samurai as it is filled with honor and loyalty. These values sometimes come into conflict when dealing with Venom Sting , who he is loyal to, but will sometimes disobey.


Wyatt entered the military with his longtime friend Cody. Throughtout all of basic training Wyatt found that his worst nightmare was coming true. Being a longtime lover of the samurai and ninja, he had always preferred swords to guns. But as he went through his training he found that the United States Military did not use swords in anyway shape or form. So he decided that he was going to combine his training in the military to help further his training with the way of the samurai. After everyone had went to bed Wyatt used his stealth skills to sneak out and past the guards to go to his secret training sessions with a legendary japanese swords smith. As the months went by Wyatt used his new strength and speed from basic training to help in mastering the ways of the samurai. And by the end of basic training Wyatt had completed his training as a samurai and was givin a special sword as a gift. As soon as Wyatt and Cody graduated from basic training they were shipped out and sent overseas. He figured his was not the time to tell Cody about his secret training missions, as Cody was put in charge of the platoon they were in. As the months went by Cody and Wyatt stuck together and completed missions as a pair that entire platoons had already tried and failed. As many times as he could Wyatt would kill the enemy with his special sword or newly aquired throwing knives. But due to the fact that he had not told Cody of him being a blademaster he used his assault rifle and side arm most of the time, much to his dislike. Before he knew it the actions of the 2 had gotten them both promoted into the Army Rangers, the most elite group known to the Military. After many successful missions as Alpha Company, the team was sent to a remote facility located within a cave to extract vital information recovered by a dangerous terrorist group. Once in the cave they found the resistance to be very little. They quickly found their way to a giant room with screens everywhere. After searching Cody found the information they had been tasked with recovering. But by removing the flash device from the computer an alarm was triggered. By the time they could even react a group of terrorists were in the room, as the epic battle started the first wave to hit the room seemed no match for Cody, Wyatt and the rest of the team. As they made their way out of the room Cody said it would be best if they separated and moved in the shadows to get out of the cave. Wyatt felt this was not the honorable way to go and said they should fight their way out, they made it look easy the first time, this time would be no different. As they made they way through the tunnels more and more enemies started to appear, two of their teammates were caught off guard and killed on the spot. It was at this point that Cody decided to go with his origional plan, Wyatt had no choice but to follow the orders. But this made him angry and at this point he didnt care anymore, he pulled out his blade and soon they realized the enemy never stood a chance. As the 4 soldiers made their way out of the cave, they soon realized things were only going to get worse. They stepped outside and saw what had to be 60 armed enemies. At that second the other members of their team were picked off by sniper fire. It was then that the figher instinct took over, and within 1 minute all enemies had been eliminated with ease. Wyatt then turned around to see a body falling to the ground, his head just been blown off. Wyatt turned around quick but saw nothing but sand in the distance. Once back at the base Wyatt found out that Cody knew all along of his training, and within the hour both Cody and Wyatt would recieve a call from a friend they had not seen in years.


Wyatt is an unlikely person one would expect to be anything other then your average person, of course much like his comic book inspirations, namely Batman, this one can completely change from a innocent looking bystander to a deadly serious contender in a flash. His eyes are hard to see as he often finds the shadow for them to hide in.


Hell Razor's armor is black with gold trim to distract opponents.His eyes are golden, sometimes they reflect in the light. This armor is tough enough to stop most blades in their tracks, and some bullets. But it's function is not for long range combat. This armor was made for speed and close range combat. It is simple in its design, it's power lies in its simplicity. This armor is a walking blade, however. The knees and elbows are blades that can easily be used as close range weapons. This armor is the fastest one of the team. It has been recently upgraded and now it can fly up to speeds of --Classified--

Hyper ModeEdit

In times of extreme duress Hell Razor can activate this mode and increase his speed until he is a blur to normal vision. This makes him almost impossible to avoid. But with the extra speed he has to think ahead and react as fast as he moves, this can prove to be difficult at times. He can remain in this state for seven hours, but afterwards he must spend at least three days at below average performance as he recharges any sooner could cause serious damage to the armor.


Hell Razor is a master of the blades, any blade. His favorite though is his prized blade. The Diamond Edged Katana. A weapon unlike any other. The blade itself is made from one of the few stable diamond structures so dense that it appears to be solid metal. In the hands of Hell Razor it can slice through the armor of a tank and anyone who happens to be inside. He also has throwing knives, six of them. They are made from the same material as his blade. He can recall his blades in an instant with a powerful magnetic charge. Also the throwing knives are capable of discharging a extremely powerful electrical charge to take down just about anyone, but Hell Razor doesn't like to resort to such methods unless there is no other choice.


Wyatt is extremely competitive, if there is something he thinks he can be the best in, he will do it until he becomes the best, and won't stop. He is obessed with the ways of ancient warfare, the blade to him represents honor and power. There is no greater thrill then combat against greater odds to him. He is loyal to a fault but many times he likes to try and go his own way. This creates friction between him and The Commander , often. Wyatt is mainly anxious to go up against any challenge,but he does know fear. His trainer was a harsh one. Wyatt learned the meaning of fear during his training. He thinks of himself as a Samurai, acts like a ninja and has the best qualities of both.

Code NameEdit

Hell Razor's code name was given to him as it was given to the the one before him since the beginning. Hell Razor's name came from an old shrine found on Blackfire Island . " Hell's Razor can shed any blood besides the one destined to hold it" It was old when it was first discovered along with the other four shrines, the name stuck and it remains to this day.

Like all other Delta Squad members of the past Wyatt has obtained a low level healing factor and this slows the aging process considerably for as along as they live.

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