Name: Void Storm

Real Name: Nathan

Age: Unknown

Physical Appearance: Nate is a tall guy, he's got blonde hair and it blows in the wind quite often. He's white and doesn't look too imposing. Chances are you wouldn't know him if he walked right next to you. He wears no fancy armor into battle.

Noticeable Atributes: Nathan likes to attack from the air. He is an expert in most forms of combat and weaponry

Powers: Nathan's greatest power is his ablility to maniuplate the weather and being telekinetic The power to focus bolts of lightning through his hands makes him one of the most powerful villains ever faced by the Squad. He is extemely dangerous.

Origin: Nathan was in a secret program by various groups to create the ultimate soldier called --Classified Information-- Nathan excelled in this program and was given the code name Void Storm, not many lived through it. Nathan, despite being an experiment gone right was not willing to listen to the orders he was given. One terrible night there was a violent storm destroyed the --Classified Information-- The aftermath provided enough cover for the ones who did escape the experiments to escape.

Nathan stayed quiet for many years after this, but his power over the weather grew stronger. He waited for the right chance to take revenge on the people who experimented on him, that chance came when 188 emerged as a world threat. He came to take his chance, and attacked with the forces he had built up over the years. But he didn't work for the warlord.

Relationships: None Known

Personalilty: Nathan likes to think he was born to be a leader, and indeed his powers allow him to gain great respect very quickly. He's consumed with rage towards society and the powerful rich people who paid for his creation. He is very maniuplative and can turn many situations his way with words alone. Normally he's calm and collected. However he changes very quickly when things start to turn against him he shows his true nature and will lash out at anything with his incredible powers destroying anything responsible for his stress, and somethings that just got in the way. He will work with people as long as he feels it benefits him.

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