Welcome to The Delta Squad Wiki, the #1 source for everything Delta Squad. Here you can view pages that include biographies of the current Delta Squad, bios of the many Enemies faced by The Delta Squad during their many missions, rare bios and pics of the Previous Delta Squad members and details about the upcoming Web Series and information about the action novels written by author Jesse Wilson.

The Delta SquadEdit

This is where you'll find out about the current members of the team, if you can handle it.

Main VilliansEdit

All you ever wanted to know about the bad guys, and maybe more.

Action NovelsEdit

Ever wanted to know more about the main stories that started it all, or maybe you want to know what inspired them? Look no further then here.

The Web SeriesEdit

Welcome home.

Past Squad MembersEdit

The Squad has a long history, and many members to go along with it. Find out more about them here.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Even the Best need someone they can count on....good or bad


Gotta get from point A to point B

The Midnight SyndicateEdit

What is it?


Where the Delta Squad goes, has been, and where they might be going.


A link to the homepage, Joey's favorite site on the whole internet!

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