The Delta Squad

The Delta Squad is an elite secret spec ops team that is called on in times of extreme crisis. The Delta Squad has a long history that begins back during the civil war. There have been many incarnations of The Delta Squad, fighting many strong enemies along the way. But this current Delta Squad will be faced with dangers and enemies never seen by any Delta Squads in the past.

Venom StingEdit

Cody was an elite soldier in the U.S. Army Rangers, later choosen by Blackfire Island to be the current incarnation of the Commander of Delta Squad. Commander Venom Sting is known for being charismatic and reassuring, as well as a natural born leader, inspiring confidence in soliders under his command. He is cool under pressure and is always able to keep his focus enough to get his squad out of any situation.

Hell RazorEdit

Lt.Cdr Hell Razor has a passion for being in the midst of battle. He loves blades and has trained with every type that this world has known. His main weapon is a katana, he fell in love with the way of the samurai as it is filled with honor and loyalty. These values sometimes come into conflict when dealing with Venom Sting, who he is loyal to, but will sometimes disobey.

Flesh TearerEdit

Josh was an up and coming soldier in the U.S. Army National Guards, later choosen to become an Enforcer in the current incarnation of the Delta Squad. Lieutenant Flesh Tearer is known for being the strong but silent type, usually not saying much during the infamous Interconflict sessions within the Squad. Contrary to his code name Flesh Tearer is known for being very compationate towards civilians, once going on a blind rampage against Blood Wraith and his troops after Wraith killed a tent full of innocent civilians for sport. Even with his caring nature it is still known and said that, "Venom Sting may be the boss, but Flesh Tearer is a living, breathing death threat, dont mess with Flesh Tearer."

Flame GenesisEdit

Dustin was a soldier in the Army National Guards, later choosen to become one of the two Enforcers in the current incarnation of The Delta Squad. Lieutenant Flame Genesis is known for his in depth knowledge of computer systems and hacking abilities. He is also known to be the weapons expert for the team, having studied guns and their inner workings since he was a young child. Flame Genesis has always been picked on by the rest of the Squad, mainly from Venom Sting and Hell Razor, going so far as to name their secret underground base after him. Dustin mainly ignores the jokes knowing deep down they actually care for him but more because he knows the squad would fail without his computer and weapon knowledge.

Dead EyesEdit

Blake was a legendary sniper for the United States Marines known for having the record for the longest confirmed kill shot at 3 miles at the young age of 19, he was later choosen by Blackfire Island to become the Sniper of the current incarnation of The Delta Squad. Lieutenant Dead Eyes much like Flesh Tearer is known for being very quiet. Dead Eyes though unlike Flesh Tearer seems to get into arguments with the other members of the Squad. He is known by his peers and squad members as being a realist, never afraid to voice his opinion on how grave a situation looks. This sometimes causes tension between him and his Commander who tries to enstill confidence in the Squad.

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