Here you can learn about the many dangerous villians encountered by The Delta Squad during the missions of the webseries Enter Delta Squad and the novels The Delta Squad Adventures and The Delta Squad Chronicle



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Name: 188

Real Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Appearance: His eyes are his most noticeable feature. They burn with a golden light. His body is deceptive. He looks like an average person would on the street, but this is a illusion too. He is much more than he appears to be. Few people have ever seen him in person, those who have are either dead, or they work for him. Or they are the Delta Squad themselves. His true appearance is pretty much unknown.


The Chaos SpecterEdit

Shadow StalkerEdit

Blood WraithEdit

Name: Blood Wraith.

Real Name: Paxton

Age: Unknown

Phyisical Appearance: Without his armor nobody really knows what he looks like. His armor is nothing less then imposing. Its oriange and black and stands at least seven feet tall. At the end of his arms on his wrists are attached brutal chainsaws that are tinted red from blood with all the victims he's killed.

Noticeable Attributes: This villain likes to attack from unexpected places, but almost never directly. He has no ranged attacks to speak of. He is an accomplished weapons builder.

Dead Steel Edit


Name: Lance

Age: Unknown

Physical Appearance: Lance is tall, and thin. He looks weak, but his strength is above the limits of most athletes. His skin is white, pale almost. He has brown eyes and his hair is a matching color. He usually wears white, his trench coat is white as well.

Noticeable Attributes: Lance is a master of strategy. His plans almost always work. Also he makes for an excellent spy. He commands an entire spy network.

Void StormEdit

Name: Void Storm

Real Name: Nathan

Age: Unknown

Physical Appearance: Nate is a tall guy, he's got blonde hair and it blows in the wind quite often. He's white and doesn't look too imposing. Chances are you wouldn't know him if he walked right next to you. He wears no fancy armor into battle.

Noticeable Atributes: Nathan likes to attack from the air. He is an expert in most forms of combat and weaponry


Angel of MercyEdit

Blade DancerEdit


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