Name: Zeron Island

Before 1925 the place known as Zeron island was just a place on the east coast. Not named for anything. After world war one took place and the world witnessed the terrible effects of chemical weapons, America decided they needed to catch up in the race of this deadly kind of warfare. General Zeron was selected to run and construct the new facility on the island to develop and test chemical weapons.

The island base was a complete secret to American public and most of the military in general. Everything was going well, the first year went off without a hitch and several weapons were developed.

The accident happened with the chemical weapon known as---Classified--- The entire island was covered in a black mist. Many researchers died that day, but the General lived and soon was able to recover physically. The weapon altered his mind. Ignoring all protocol from the Army from that point on the General ordered the weapons research to increase dramatically and began to include biological weapons as well. Limits were abandoned and many new viruses and chemicals were developed.

It wasn't long before the demands of General Zeron grew too insane, even for the Army to comply with. When the officals cut off the supplies to the Base, the General saw it as an act of war and responded by threatening to fire missiles of ---Classified-- into the country. Not willing to deal with the terrorist threat or disrupt the lives of Americans, They appealed to the Syndicate to send in the Delta Squad to take down the threat quietly.

The Squad accomplished this mission with ease and nobody ever knew anything was wrong. The base was shut down and the weapons developed there were taken to --Classified-- The island would remain quiet for a number of years until World War 2 broke out.

The Zeron Special Forces Team was founded to act as a public version of the Delta Squad. Super elite soldiers trained to fight anywhere behind enemy lines. They used the island and the base as their training camp for new recruits. It was here they would remain for quite some time. They would give many victories in the wars to come, but when a problem required special treatment, the Delta Squad was always called in to take care of the problem. Over time the two forces became allies of sorts.

Zeron would once more fall into enemy hands. During a special mission to retrieve ---Classified-- The Zeron team was captured. Delta Squad was called into to help, but things tended to go from bad to worse. The leader of the Zeron Base lead his own team into battle, and he was presumed killed during the--Classified--

Josh would return to Zeron Island as a Mechanical humanoid. Driven mostly insane by the experience of the transformation into this state, he blamed the Delta Squad for his condition, the Government, everyone. Calling himself Dead Steel he transformed the special forces base into a terrorist unit. Declaring war on the world was a mistake and Zeron Island became Isolated and condemned many times over by almost every other country.

After 188 made himself known, Dead Steel made his move and the ZSF became an actual threat once more to the world.

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